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    Made for "walks"

    Simple and effective support for your Activities on the go


    Complete information on customers, contacts and interested parties. All the information saved in CORIPO can be found really fast and clearly arranged in the mobile application.

    Direct calls

    Any contact or conversation you have a phone number of can be called with a single click.

    You know where to go

    Are you going to a meeting and you don’t know where exactly it is? A simple click connects you to a map that will show you the way.


    View your activities also in a transparent calendar.

    Simple workflow for activities

    With our concept of working with activities, you can easily and quickly get to what you have to do right now without unnecessary filtering.

    Friendly calendar

    Všechny aktivity můžete také zobrazit v přehledném kalendáři pro lepší přehled jejich rozložení.


    Manage the entire business cycle with your mobile phone.

    Do you need to know quickly what the opportunity is with a particular customer?

    That is why we have created an option to manage the entire business cycle of opportunities directly from your mobile phone, whether you want to create, correct or modify them.


    Invoices, orders and receivables.

    Identify your debtors in no time

    Most sales staff working in the field need to have a comprehensive overview of the status of receivables and invoicing from their customer.

    All with one click

    In the mobile solution, you always have this information outlined and available with one click. It is, of course, updated with the financial system on regular basis.


    Simple reporting.

    Get up-to-date right away

    We have implemented a simple reporting functionality in the mobile CRM, which can be modified as needed.

    Indicators for a quick insight

    With the reporting functionality, you have access to reports and indicators to quickly find your way around the customers to promptly respond to changing needs.

    Something extra

    Highly flexible solution.

    We will gladly offer you a tailored mobile solution for both:

    Content – for instance what the modules and items are to be displayed

    Design – based, for example on your logo manual.

    Adapted for your "hands" so that you always "hit"
    the button and have the most important thing with you.

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