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    CORIPO is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solution that brings companies and customers together in one integrated platform. All your departments, from the marketing, sales, implementation to support, are provided with a comprehensive, team-shared view of each customer.

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    Owners and managers

    They manage the policies of companies and organisations and need to effectively monitor the development of business prospects for the future and existing customers. They need to monitor and assess their dealers’ performance. They need to know how effective the marketing campaigns are.

    Business professionals and consultants

    They need to have an effective assistant for the day-to-day planning and recording of their business activities with the potential and existing customers. They need an overview of the development of business potential and of invoicing. Or to easily identify which customer has a problem and solve it quickly.

    Real estate agents

    They need a simple tool to record the inquiries and offers relating to their customer’s property. They want an effective tool for arranging property tours. They need to keep track of how many tours of what property they did, and with whom, and who eventually bought it.

    Bankers, financial advisors and insurance brokers

    Interactions with customers is their daily bread. They develop and offer financial strategies and products to customers. This is why they need a simple and effective CRM tool for a quick overview of how all these activities evolve.

    Marketing and public relations professionals

    Effective handling of campaigns, advertising and communication activities is their everyday work. For that reason, they need a flexible, high-class and simple tool to plan, record and evaluate all necessary activities.

    Service and customer support

    It is the service and customer support staff who need a friendly solution to record the customer needs. Comprehensive and complete overview of all activities with customers. What services and products they have bought and when was the last service performed.

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